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Hi, I haven't updated in like 6 months, I'll get on that, but in the mean time please check out my other sites which I update much more often:


and I post sketches pretty often on facebook so you can follow me there if you'd like:

I'm still working for Ubisoft Montreal on the Assassins Creed franchise as I have been for the past 5 years, I do freelance if the project sounds interesting.

Thanks, and sorry for any late responses on here!
Hi, so I've been neglecting DeviantArt a bit recently, but you can follow me for more art that I haven't posted on here like sketches and whatnot on these places:

About me:

Concept artist for Eidos Interactive in Montreal Canada.

Ubisoft, Universal, Lionsgate, Wizards of the Coast, The Mill, MotionPictureCompany


Me and my friend Keita Morimoto will be hosting a Dual Live Painting Demo on July 6th in Toronto.  Tickets are 60$, lasts 4 hours and limited seating is available. More info:

So it's that time of year again, I'll be selling some (I dunno how many I will have, I havn't even printed them yet been to busy!!) prints at the Montreal comicon next weekend.

Aparently it starts friday afternoonm, but fuck that I have to work! So I'll be there from 5pm-9pm friday, and all day saturday and sunday.  WHY DON'T YOU STOP BY???? You can listen to me try to talk french - much laughter to be had.
Ok so I'll be at Spectrum Live in Kansas City MO this Friday - Sunday at table #617.   Going to arrive a bit late on Friday, apologies in advance (hopefully around 430 or 5)

Will be selling some prints.   

See ya there ?
So I'll have a table at Spectrum Art Live in Kansas next month.  Anyone gonna be there? I'll be sellin some prints and what not.…
Hi dA, I've got an interview in Aprils ImagineFx if you wanna check it out:…

I apologize if I appear sound like a massive douche in it!

Hi, so, Assassin's Creed Revelations got released, I was one of the concept artists on that game at Ubisoft montreal, so go pick it up right? ;)
I've posted some concepts I did for it on my cghub site and I will be adding more soon.  

Also, Snow White and the Huntsman trailer was released, I did alot of character and creature design on that earlier this year, take a look:…
Going to new york next week, gonna mostly hang out at my friend Fiona Meng's booth (Artist alley R11) :iconfionameng: come by and grab some of her prints, why don't you.
Comicon tomorrow, come on by and say hi and get a print, or not?…
Also might be doing something fun at the Montreal Game Sumit on Nov 1st 2nd, will let you know.
Gonna be at the Montreal Comicon in September sellin' some prints and whatnot.  Come on by if you're in town.…
Planning on going to New York in mid october to see some friends and see the comicon...anyone going? Time to look at rediculously priced hotels.

hai.  There's a little feature of my work and a tutorial on one of my newer peices, enjoy!
So the game I've been working on at Ubisoft was shown at e3.
Amazing trailer by DIGIC:…
And the gameplay demo:…

It's been amazing to work with such talented people on such an amazing game, I hope you all like it!

Hey thanks for all the aplications, there sure were alot...and we found someone for the job.  Thanks for the help!
Heads up I need to find a colourist to finish some colours I started, if you're able to render relatively well and want a quick colouring gig with Camilla D'errico lines, send me note with a link to your portfolio.
Hey, there's gonna be an interview with me on 3dtotal comming up I think sometime next week.
Also had a peice in imagine FX #65 for their sci-fi alphabet…

London was really cool, I love statues and buildings and history and all...Oxford street was terrifying on boxing day though.  London eye was a letdown for being so damn expensive and packed with tourists.  *also wanted it to go higher!  Edinburgh is interesting, lots of spikey things.  Anyways, I'm back on freelance during my evenings and weekends so I still don't have any time to do any personal work...:( Really really want to make an artbook these days, still can't think of a good theme though.  It's -22 degrees outside here in Montreal and I can't feel my legs.

Is there any easy way to carpet bomb delete entire pages of my gallery.  My old crap from when I was a stupid teenager is still around and I need a way to wipe it of the face of the going through them 1 by 1 and deleting the only way? I'd rather start a new account that have these things on here.  

I'm getting a lot of these recently so I figured I should just mention that I do not do commission work (at least, not right now).  I sometimes to freelance, but on very rare occasion on a project that I feel is worth my time...and will defiantly not do it if there isn't pay, sorry.

I'm gonna be heading to London and Edinburgh this Christmas/new years.  Anything cool to see there? I really want to try blood sausage, it sounds delicious.
Been playing company of heroes for 4 years, still think it's one of the best games ever made.  Now it's
FREE and online and stuff. Add me if ya want MrBingley (allies).  I can't enjoy starcraft 2 because of how fun/dynamic COH's gameplay is in comparison...

Livestream tonight! Probably around 9 pm eastern time.
Hi I'm livestreaming...right now...for a little bit.  Will do a longer one later this week probably.…